Masaji Asaga


 "Amounment represents the spirit of dedication."

This is one of the principles given to me by my teacher. Mr.Ikuhisa Koganemaru, a sculptor, Who made this clear to me on July 6th.1989. I had just started to work as a stone sculptor around that time. Since then, and with variety of support, I have created many monuments for various public facilities in many arears. Through these experiences. I have been able to "live" with Mr.Koganemaru's words, imcorporating them over and over and in many different ways. Bords through rocks began with the history of man and continues through the future.I am deeply greatfulfor the opportunities given me to carve people's prayers into stone, a meaningful task in creating a fulfilled life. Using this book as my persol vow to continued dedication of committment and spirit of stone carving and as a means of thanks to all of you.


Masaji Asaga
1953.  Born in Yamagata, Japan
1975.  Entered Taiheiyo Art School and majored in sculpture
1976.  Studied under a sculptor, Mr. Ikuhisa Koganemaru
1980.  Met Henry Moore in England and received a letter from him
1983.  Became a member of Japan Artist Association
1985.  Won the Golden Prize in the Seventh Biannual Gabrobo International Exhibition
1987.  The work which won a prize by the Eighth Biannual Gabrobo InternationalExhibition is displayed
1990.  won the prize of Excellence in “Love road 50” Stone Sculpture Contest
       Sponsored by the Construction Ministry of Japan
1992.  Established Iwase Stone Sculpture Museum, “Rock Museum” in Ibaraki, JapanOrganized “Sculpture Workshop to Residents” and gave the workshop Eleven times, free of charge, by 1998
1994.  Masaji Asaga Exhibition, one Person show, Kaneko Art Gallery, Tokyo Japan
       Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅰ,Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange” and invited Mr. Ziyatin Nuriev, two Person show with Ziyatin Nouriev
1996.  Organized a letter of Mr.Mariga which was sponsored by the Japan  Foundation
        Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅱ, Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange” Two person show with Tsviatoko Siromashki
1997.  Received Ibaraki Prefecture International Exchange Encouragement Award

1998.  Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅲ, Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange”

        Two person show with Milan Andreev

        Dispatched to the international exchange of the stone sculpture instruction in Zimbabwe by the Japan Foundation

2000.  Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅳ, Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange”

        Two person show with Ivan Ressev

2001.  Hold a stone sculpture lecture in parent and child by the support of the national Olympics memory Youth Center

2002.  Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅴ,Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange”

      Two person show with Snejana Simeonova
2004.  Prize for Republic of Bulgaria reputation award ceremony Produced a stone sculpture in town Ilindentwi of the Bulgarian stone Held 22 times of stone sculpture citizen lectures so far

2005.  Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅴ, Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange” Two person show with Stefan Ryutakov

       Won the Earth Citizen Prize from Japan Foundation

2008.  Organized “Artist in Residence Ⅵ, Stone Sculpture 1thousand exchange” Two person show with Kiril Meskin

 Went to the Republic of Bulgaria for cultural exchange by dispatch business of the 23rd National CulturalFestival

2011.  Won the Golden Century prize from the Republic of Bulgaria
2014.  Become the lecturer of the Ibaraki Prefectural Makabe Senior High School environment green tract of land course



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Masaji Asaga`s work attempts to draw shapes out from the stone medium, that express warm thoughts reaching out to be touched by people.




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